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New Applications Planned

The AN/AYQ-27 ICS combines small size and a lightweight fibre optic backbone with an open system architecture to meet the interoperability requirements of the next generation of military combat platforms.

These features define a flexible, programmable system that can support a wide range of audio and data needs for new multi-station intercoms capable of supporting air, land, and seagoing platforms.

After successfully applying the innovative Intellicom-27™ core architecture to the new AN/AYQ-27 Intercom System, ICSG continues to update its technology roadmap to embrace new initiatives that will further expand user value and SWaP driven benefits.

Already underway is the further exploitation of excess bandwidth within the AN/AYQ-27’s existing fibre backbone design, adding flexible processing power using current architecture design without added expense, weight and power.

Other developments include the pending receipt of FAA certification under a program that will render the AN/AYQ-27, DO-178/DO160/DO254/TSO compliant. When complete, ICSG will have the industry’s only ICS that will be both FAA and military qualified.  ICSG has enlisted the services of an FAA DER to expedite the process and assure complianc.

Meanwhile, ICSG is also in the process of enhancing a specially designed headset to offer users a leading edge, high isolation, integrated audio/communications capability. Included in this package will be an Automatic Noise Reduction (ANR) feature, as well as other proprietary technologies for Full Spectrum Connectivity™ (radio-to-ICS-to-earphone). The headset will be fully integrated with the ICS to enhance operator situational awareness, while reducing fatigue and stress.

Already implemented, via embedded Ethernet connectivity, is a VOIP capability, together with an upgraded CPU (qualified during E-2D aircraft evaluations) and a unique Fly Home Safe™ capability, essential to the system’s extended emergency backup feature. This capability, which can be tailored to meet unique platform requirements, is part of a two-WRA per station installation, providing normal/emergency communication.  WIth only two boxes per station, the intercom further reduces the logistics trail while contributing to DOD wide SWaP-C initiatives.

ICSG continues to update its technology roadmap to further support the unique “AYQ” designation of the AN/AYQ-27 operating system. This designation is normally accorded to systems that offer an advanced level of overall integration beyond a single function. Less flexible systems carry the AN/AIC designation.

The AN/AYQ-27 achieves this distinction by combining the advantages of a built-CPU  with a fibre optic backbone/channel and a number of software driven formats. These formats include reconfigurable front panels, audio mixing, and radio interfaces, as well as the ability to interface with the flight data recorder and mission computer.

These capabilities are at the core of the AN/AYQ nomenclature, and they are the reason why no other military intercom system has been given this designation.


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