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Core Capabilities

Located at Mathtech's international headquarters in Falls Church, the ICSG continues to support its commercial Intellicom-27™ and the military derivative the AN/AYQ-27 and plan the evolution of the product line.

In addition to producing the E-2D ICS, ICSG's engineering staff also offers the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Hardware Design
    • Printed Circuit Boards
    • Integrated Circuits
  • Firmware Design, Development and Testing
  • Test Design, Development and Implementation
    • Test Procedures
    • Test Equiptment
    • LabView/LabWindows
  • Built-In Test Software Design and Implementation
  • Failure Reporting and Analysis


While ICSG is the only Mathtech division building hardware, the division benefits from the core analytical background that company has developed and nurtured over the past half century. These capabilities include project management services for large-scale government hardware and IT projects, with services ranging from strategic planning, system architecture, and independent validation and verification of system performance.


​Founded in 1959 under the name Mathematica, Mathtech (​) is a woman-owned, small business. The company isheadquartered in Falls Church, VA, and is staffed by over 50 professionals.Mathtech evolved as a division of Mathematica and became a subsidiary of thecompany in 1976. Acquired by Lockheed Martin (then Martin Marietta) in 1983,the company was then taken private in 1986 and has remained an independentcorporate entity ever since.