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The AN/AYQ-27 Intercom System

In Service Today for the Battle Space of Tomorrow™

EmergencyAN/AYQ-27 is a lightweight, open architecture Digital Communication Management System that meets today’s growing requirement for real-time connectivity across a wide range of tactical combat platforms. The system is fully flight qualified and combines all the functions of an advanced intercom system with a number of workload management features and mission support capabilities.

The AYQ-27’s design, which is derived from ICSG’s Intellicom-27™ Flexible Baseline Architecture, can be easily customized and is both highly reliable and field supportable. Furthermore, it complies with DOD’s latest SWaP initiatives, in terms of ergonomic design and power dissipation, at a lower ownership cost than any comparable ICS in the industry.

Crew StationAdvanced functional integration, meanwhile, combines modular construction and small form factor with open network fibre backbone architecture for enhanced operator access and combat damage mitigation. Mission integrity is further supported by continuous secure transmission and a future wireless option that allows untethered operation.

Digital workload management allows effective prioritization and analysis of combat information in the face of fast changing threat levels. Improved speech intelligibility and User Defined Spatial Audio provides added operator efficiency while reducing stress and fatigue. Other operator functions include audio/data record playback, radio simulcast/relay, and mission support analysis.

The system, which is expandable up to 100 channels, is also capable of interfacing with a variety of mission computers and data servers within and outside of the immediate platform. It is currently in production and in service aboard the Navy’s E-2D Advanced Airborne Surveillance Aircraft.

AN/AYQ-27 -- An Entirely New Crew Station Communications Concept for the Mission Requirements Today and into the Future

The AN/AYQ-27 is comprised of ONLY TWO WRAs per station... an operator Station Panel and an emergency ICS box.

Salient features include:

  • Fly Home Safe™ Emergency System
  • Expandable up to 100 channels
  • Customizable Front Panel
  • Full Audio/Data Record and Playback
  • Open Architecture with a Fibre Optics back bone
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • EMI/TEMPEST Compliant
  • Light Weight, Small Foot Print
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Reliability
  • Continuous BIT
  • Field Reconfigurable
  • Data Storage Interface
  • Processing Power and Mission Computer Interface

Open Design... Network Centric... Scalable Features

Like all Intellicom-27™ based intercom systems, the AN/AYQ-27 offers a unique level of integrated functionality, incorporating data processing, net-centric technology, and fibre optics. These features allow future system expansion and the ability to incorporate technical improvements without the need for major redesign.

The AN/AYQ-27 also employs a combination of small size and light weight, together with a fibre optic backbone and an open system architecture to meet the interoperability requirements of the next generation of military combat platforms.

This combination of design elements defines a digital, network centric system, scalable in a modular, open design and capable of supporting a wide range of audio and data communication needs. The result is an entirely new crew station intercom concept capable of complementing upgraded mission capabilities across the tactical spectrum.

Based on the system’s level of functional integration, the Navy has accorded the new system an AN/AYQ designation, as opposed to the typical AN/AIC designation typically given to less complex systems.

Streamlined Operator Access -- Combat Damage Mitigation… Fly Home Safe™

The AN/AYQ-27 uses a digitally based, open architecture design to accommodate multiple stations within ad hoc networks on a real-time basis.

This feature allows multi-operator access, eliminating the restrictive disadvantage of a hard-wired central controller. As a result, access is not limited to an operator-by-operator protocol.

It also eliminates the disadvantage of a single point of failure, preventing network disruption, despite damage to one or more stations, and allowing the network to keep functioning... a self healing architecture.

Another special feature is the system’s Fly Home Safe™ capability, (triggered automatically) that operates in conjunction with a hard-wired, reduced function (graceful degradation), communications backup to limit the effects of combat damage while providing improved operator survivability.

Flexible Architecture... Air, Land, and Sea Applications

The AN/AYQ-27 is more than just an intercom system. It incorporates a baseline digital architecture that can be defined across a wide range of tactical combat platforms. The system can be reconfigured to accommodate any mission regardless of platform. The final configuration can be as small or as large as the mission requires.

Flexible ergonomic design affords adaptability to a wide range of mounting structures and configurations for easy installation. Hardware fixtures and other installation devices, specific to platform design, can be provided. Platform functionality can be customized in the field to optimize network and communications performance.

The system is compatible with multi-station aircraft, ground vehicles and shipboard platforms requiring communications control and management of radios, and other audio/data sources.

Fibre Optic Backbone... Ergonomic Scaling... Small Form Factor

The AN/AYQ-27’s design combines a small form factor and mounting footprint with low power, reduced WRA count and lower weight with the implementation of a fibre backbone. Platform weight is further reduced by eliminating heavy copper, platform wiring currently used in most, if not all, intercom systems.

Since the AN/AYQ-27 is designed without a master controller, significant weight reduction is achieved from reduced WRA count and the reduces cost of maintenance and logistics. Collectively, these features add up to a significant reduction in system size, weight, power consumption and life cycle cost, all key elements in today’s fuel and cost conscious environment.

Workload Management... Speech Intelligibility... User Defined Spatial Audio

The AN/AYQ-27 Digital Communications Management System facilitates mission operation and post mission debriefing, allowing information to be organized and prioritized through the mission computer for support analysis.

Operator throughput is enhanced by improved speech intelligibility, while operator fatigue is reduced by User Defined Spatial Audio TM separation.

Related features include data storage for voice, record, and playback. Multiple combinations of radio relay and simulcast nets can be connected at anytime further increasing operator throughput.

The system interfaces with mission computers, servers and various audio and data recorders.

ICSG is currently shipping the AN/AYQ-27 for the E-2D aircraft, a rate that is expected to grow within the next two years. Over the life of the program, the company has the capability to perform all depot maintenance, repair and field support, while developing upgrades to meet new requirements and addressing anticipated future obsolescence issues.


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